Funny Games to Play at Work That Are not Just for Christmas

Work should have games for the co-workers to play. Yes, you have to work day to day, but you can have fun at work too. Play some games at work to remind you that your still a kid when work is done. You work to take care of things. You play to enjoy what you worked for. That’s the way it should be. Don’t ever think that work is all there is in life. Its just part of life. Its similar to hunting and cooking the food. Tell your boss to give you guys some games to play and see what happens. Be nice about though. Bosses tend to be too focused on work. Here are some games to ask.

Secret Santa Reveal

Secret Santa is a game that involves getting gifts and never saying who. Buy gifts for your co-workers. Buy funny coffee mugs if you can not think of a gift to buy. Each gift in the game only needs a receiver name on the present box. All gifts must be wrapped up. Don’t put the buyer name on the gift. The gifts are suppose to be secret. Put the gifts in the center and wait for the people to open them at work. Wait for everyone to open them. When its all done, let co-workers guess who got the gift. Have fun seeing how many time they get it wrong. The gift will let people see who their friends are and let them see what people think of them. Its a nice game to find out who likes you at work.

Musical Chairs

Musical chairs, a game to see who is fast and pushy. Its a game you probably played when you was a kid. I know I have. Its a game that never gets old when you play it with other people. It makes you move around and dance to the music. You move in a funny way too. A way that makes you more open with the people around you. Its a great game to open you up to people at work you might not be close too. Go have fun with people and dance. Its work but you to got to move around and breathe out. This game does a good job of that.

Get a Creative Mug

A coffee mug game that remind people of the good moments. Every body who play the game, gets a new coffee mug on their desk. They will all feel the good times and days. You will feel them too. All the funny coffee mugs will make people laugh and connect. Everybody would want to talk about the mugs. Creative mugs bring a side people need to see. A side that is always happy no matter what. Remind your co-workers to feel the same by playing this game. Its a way to get free coffee mugs that co-workers do not want.

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